Bussiness is way easier with WamtSol. For all your accounting troubles, this is the one stop. We are a reliable and friendly association in service for 12 years. Let us remove the stress and hassle of dealing with the financial affairs of your business by really taking the time to understand your business, sticking to mutually agreed deadlines and budgets and keeping your tax obligations to the bare minimum. Your bussiness can do so much more with us as we build the best point of sale with best retail management tools. We provide a professional, invaluable service to our clients regardless of size.

Whether you are an accounting firm, retailer, importer, exporter or wholesaler, by thoroughly analyzing your business and understanding its complications we provide you with a solution that is customized to your need, from supplier to customer, Accounts, taxes, payroll, depts. & credit…. Manage everything, each detail is covered. Our solutions are truly hardware and platform independent….. Linux, Windows, Android, IOS…. Whichever or whatever you prefer.

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Off the Shelf Product


A Complete accounting solution for your business.


Custom Barcodes

Easily specify prices and identification of as many products as you want.


Inventory Management

Add new items and update your inventory with ease, keep track of your stock and purchase orders.


Monitoring & Reporting

Easily monitor your sales, stock and expenses.


Supplier record

Keep track of your suppliers and their payments.


Payroll and Attendance system

Keep track of your employees and their salaries.


Cloud & Hybrid

Easily access your system on any platform you prefer whether PC,MAC or Android.


Customer Database

Keep track of your customers.


Online Control

Access your system anywhere anytime.



Accept payments in cash or credit/debit cards.

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Completely Customizable, as per your requirement: pay for only the features you need. Doesn’t matter what your business is and how you want to access the information you require, whether you have a Grocery store, A School, A laboratory, Trading Business, or may be all of them. Our team will quickly customize the software according to your requirements.

Available in multiple languages, easily switch the language as per your comfort.

Simple, easy and efficient. several graphing options and reporting. easily adaptable to any screen size, monitors, mobile phones, tablets.

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