Home Solutions

Human is to err and accidents are to happen but they both can be dodged with a smart idea so wamtSol is here with expertise, remedial and solutions regarding your Home Sweet Home. wamtSol will be with you till the peace of your mind.

Exterior and Interior decoration

wamtSol renovates and furnishes your house and never let it go old. wamtSol works as general services provider and gives you; Plaster, Paint, Construction, Electricity, Central Air Conditioning and Heating, Plumbing, Sewerage, Cracking walls, Floor tilting and house expansion and Rebuilding according to latest fad. wamtSol also deals with inter and Exterior Wall fitting and also deals with leakage and shortage conflicts.

Inspections and Solution

wamtSol knocks your door before problems do. wamtSol's handy team with knit-picking approach provides inspections to visit your house's safety, eco-friendship and durability.

wamtSol also cures peeling paint which is an aftermath of Humidity and Termites, which are worst than Cancer, cause 1000k$ lose/year are also removed with a certain period guarantee by wamtSol.

Design and Approval of Maps

Your dream house is no longer a myth. wamtSol's smart architects are going to make it real.

Setback, Wall to wall, Single story or multi? Take your pick.

wamtSols' best architects will design a map, exceeding your fantasies but wamtSols is not just going to give up here but will also get it approved and this all will be done by wamtSols in no time.

Architects at wamtSols offers supreme visions, dexterity of designs with professional proficiency.