Corporate Solutions

wamtSol showers a lot of accessories and necessities upon Corporations enabling their work go systematic and uniform. wamtSol provides foolproof services with privacy promise with amendments.

Our services are.

Exterior and Interior decoration

wamtSol renovates and furnishes your offices and never let it go old. wamtSol works as general services provider and gives you; Plaster, Paint, Construction, Electricity, Central Air Conditioning and Heating, Plumbing, Sewerage, Cracking walls, Floor tilting and office expansion and Rebuilding according to latest fad. wamtSol also deals with inter and Exterior Wall fitting and also deals with leakage and shortage conflicts.

Area Lockouts

It ensures that all the necessary components are effectively and efficiently labeled, blinded, electrically disconnected, locked or otherwise isolated. This prevents incidents and unnecessary production losses and moreover saves your technicians' expensive time.

Lockout/tag out is the No. 1 most cited regulation in the manufacturing industry and the No. 5 most cited regulation for all industries.

Search Engines

wamtSol helps you have your own search engines with broad SERPs' guarantee. wamtSol's algorithm works faster than the blink of eye.

wamtSol's search engines have all the Converters, Weather forecast, Filters with heavy backup space.

wamtSol also designs specific search engines for willing Corporations/p>

Data handlers

Weight, order number, customer ID, product name, barcode, batch number: all the information available directly where you need it.

This all is possible with wamtSol's data handling software that helps you produce reports with ease and handle bulk amount of data without the fear of loosing any!